K-mom Naural Anti-Bacteria Zipper Bag

-Safe & BPA Free material
-F.D.A Quality Assurance, approved plastic or PE material for safety usage even food & other sanitary items.
-Korea Atopy Association Mark to certify it is safe for usage in cases where Eczema is concerned.
-Premium Material VS normal zipper bag. Less wrinkled even when being reused.
-Self-standing design at bottom of bag to hold more items.
-Slim packaging with designated opening on box allows for easy storage & convenience.


Small: 14x15cm / 15pcs
Medium: 20x25cm / 15pcs
Large: 28x24cm / 15pcs
X-Large: 32x36cm / 15pcs
Compact: 20x21cm / 15pcs & 28x20cm / 15pcs


Compact, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large


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