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When to drink it

Morning Boost
Afternoon Refreshment
Mixed In a Cocktail
Post-Party Recovery
Post-Workout Replenishment
In a Smoothie
As a Snack

Full of naturally occurring electrolytes and high in Vitamin C, making it perfect post-workout, in your smoothie, for a hangover or simply on the go. It’s low in calories and full of nutrients meaning it’s a great fridge-essential for the whole family to enjoy.

Coconut Water, Less than 1% Sugar*, Vitamin C

Why Drink it?

Vita Coco is perfect to replenish, rehydrate, and recharge after a workout (or a party), to boost your smoothie, or if you’re just extra thirsty. Craving something tasty without a ton of sugar? It’s also a great swap for sodas, sports drinks, and juices.

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